Rogers County

Welcome to Rogers County, Oklahoma. We boast the fastest growing population in the state. But it's no surprise that folks want to call Rogers County home. With competitive real estate prices, top educational institutions and lucrative job opportunities -- we offer a positive work/life balance.
For those interested in starting their own business or opening a new branch of a seasoned chain, Rogers County offers several state and county level business incentive programs.
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Colleges, Universities, Technical and Secondary Colleges surrounding Rogers County

Major Highways

Rogers County is accessible from many major highways and interstate roads

Airports & Ports

Rogers County has access to many airports and ports in the county and surrounding cities


Burlington Northern currently operates from the Northeast to Southwest and Union Pacific from North to South

Business Incentives

Our team of professionals we will be happy to help you identify opportunities for your new or growing business


Rogers County has access to many Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilites and Rehab Centers providing excellent healthcare


Fastest Growing
County in Population

in the state of Oklahoma

Major Cities & Towns



Home of the Mustangs
Historic Oologah exists side-by-side with modern and highly rated school facilities, businesses and Oologah's largest industry, American Electric Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma's Northeastern Station.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Rogers County the fastest growing county in Oklahoma?
    Rogers County offers top tier educational institutions, lucrative job opportunities, competitive real estate prices and a quality work/life balance.
  • What are some of the job opportunities in Rogers County?
    Currently there are job opportunities in architecture, engineering, company management, utilities, oil & gas extraction, mining, quarrying, manufacturing, health care and retail.
  • What does Rogers County Development do?
    We assist businesses develop, provide jobs and create economic, cultural and educational benefits for the residents of Rogers County. We provide assistance in: facility location and site searches, economic and demographic information, real estate and equipment finance, business start-up programs and small business development.
  • Are there any Incentives for a New Business?
    Rogers County is recognized for its outstanding incentive programs and pro-business environment. Businesses can choose between a cash incentive or a tax credit package, and in some cases, qualifying businesses can take advantage of both programs.
  • What commerical and office properties are available?
    Please click on our properties link to see our commerical, business and office properties currently available.

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